I love collaborating with other small shops and social media influencers! 
That being said, I only collaborate with products I have personally tried and influencers who are aligned with my brand as a whole. I want our collaboration to be a beneficial experience for both of us.
If you would like to collaborate with me, please reach out only if:
  • You follow The Gameday Chic on Instagram and Facebook.
  • You have purchased, tried, and loved a product from my shop. I feel like collaborations are more successful if you can give an honest review about a product you've already had experience with.

The types of collaborations available range from hosting giveaways, exchanging products, and offering discount codes. If you feel like we might be a good fit for a collaboration, please reach out!

Email: w/ Subject Line "Let's Collab!"

I only participate in a few collaborations per month, so please don't be offended if it doesn't work out right away and please don't hesitate to check back in the future!

Thank you so much for your interest!